Zaful looks with my partner in Crime

What I thought about when I first was going to write this article was the almost never ending possibilities that you may find when you are going through Zaful’s page. There are stuff for every gender, every taste, every need and every season. 

Ok I may have gone further than I should, so I’m just  going to jump back a couple of months ago when we received, me and my best friend, an invitation to collaborate with said brand. As soon as we did we hoped into their web page only to realize what I was talking about before. The bikinis, the dresses, the pants and skirts consumed us in a very fashion like wormhole. 

We stayed there for hours as it definitely felt longer than waiting for the good stuff to get to our door. But we ended up with a quantity of clothing that for the price they gave us seemed as if we were robbing them. 

James which is the friend I’ve been talking about picked some very stylish pants that suited his style perfectly among other stuff. I remember a double colored shirt that I got jealous of, and I wanted for myself. But he looked so cute I just could not steal it from him. 

On my behalf I picked a wonderful cotton-made dress, some pink colored jeans and a top that makes me feel like a leopard, savage, brave and able to go out and pray for my dreams. The fabric too had that printing on it. 

Then the clothing came in, and I have to say, both of us had to go out at that exact moment and do a photoshoot with the amazing articles we got. It was an amazing afternoon. In between the laughter, the fighting, the hugs and smiles, we had another day to be placed n the list of our favorite days.

You guys should go and make some shopping over there i know you will fall in love with them.

Their web page its this one.


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