My Review of Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Regimen

Thank you to Rodan + Fields for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Not long ago I wrote an article on which I spoke about the importance of using quality products from the food aisle trying to build the best relationship out of what we eat and our bodies.

Well, now I’m thinking I would enjoy talking about the importance of the biggest organ we have – our skin. It got me thinking about the steps I am taking to incorporate an anti-aging skincare routine and making sure I choose to the best products for my skin type and skin needs. 

The products you apply on your skin are important for achieving healthy-looking skin. Vitamin C or Vitamin F should definitely be a part of your skincare routine, as well as antioxidants, which are ingredients found in Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Regimen. The REDEFINE Regimen is now customizable so you can pick and choose products based on your texture preferences or skin needs.

First, is the cleanser. I chose the Daily Foaming Cleanser, which is one of my favorite products of the Regimen. It works to remove makeup and clean skin, allowing for the products layered on top to be more effective. It also helps exfoliate away dead skin cells, leaving the surface of the skin more even. 

Next is the Pore Refining Toner. It contains antioxidants, fruit acids, and niacinamide that all work to visibly reduce the size of pores.  

Ok, so… I’ve spoken about the improvement of firmness with my skin. But… what could ever ruin this progress? The answer is ‘’wrinkles’’. Wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles come out often as we age and after the soft caress of one of my dearest friend, ‘’the sun’’. I mean, it’s not like I will remain all day long inside my apartment and miss out on the outdoors, at least during the day, just because I want to stay away from the UV rays. Instead, it’s important to apply SPF to protect your skin from the potential harmful rays of the sun. For the AM step, I choose the Triple Defense Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Dude, like I said before, my skin is pale and sensitive. I need the best of the best. With SPF 30, the cream was perfect for my day-to-day routine. Every time I caught myself thinking ‘’Oh no, it’s too sunny!’’ I would chill after I reminded myself that I was wearing the product and would reapply as needed.

In my nighttime routine, I applied REDEFINE Overnight Restorative Cream. It is formulated with niacinamide, peptides, and Bakuchiol, a plant-derived form of Retinol to help improve the visible firmness and contour of the skin. And I have to be honest, I am cautious of the products I apply on my skin, as I do tend to have more sensitive skin. If the combination or formula is not balanced, pimples and skin marks will start to make an annoying entrance. This is unlike any cream I have tied. It’s helped my skin look more sculpted and helps to keep your moneymaker stay looking youthful. 

After trying REDEFINE Regimen for a month or so, I have to say I am happy and over the top about how glowy my skin is, but not in an oily-skin kind of way. I am a lot more on the soft like a baby’s butt side.

Growing old does not bother me at all. But it’s important to take steps to keep skin looking beautiful. With plumping and restorative benefits of the Overnight Restorative Cream, you’ll be cute like flowers. I know I’ve worried less about my fine lines and wrinkles, and I’m sure people around you will want to know more about your skincare routine, like they did with me.

Next is the Multi-Function Eye Cream. Whoever wants to walk around looking all cute like a raccoon and begging for slices of bread… that’s fine, but not my case! More important than the product itself working, was the amazing results that I saw after using the cream consistently. I would apply it before I went to bed every night and started noticing the morning after how well-rested my eyes appeared. The dark circles visibly minimized, helping my eye area to look brighter and more awake. 

Now, as I said before it’s not that I care about growing old, actually I believe aging is a beautiful process. It will teach you how to stay young inside. For me it’s all about looking as beautiful as I can be at the stage I am in in life. So please go ahead and play, go out in the sun, go to the beach with your friends, go on as many dates as you want until you find the one you really want, it doesn’t matter if its day or night. Love too much, care too much about what matters and most important try to connect with your own present moment so that ‘’happy’’ is the main word in your life’s dictionary. Make sure you do it hand by hand with what makes you feel like the hottest piece of ass everywhere you go… You deserve it, I deserve it and I think it’s about time we all start believing it.

After the big motivational speech, I will say that I feel confident about recommending Rodan + Fields to everyone who is interesting in maintaining their overall skin health. I’m a girl. I am in my 30’s and I feel as confident as always about my skin. Why? Because I’ve been taking care of it since I was a kid. I know about this stuff and I definitely saw a huge improvement on mine since I began using Rodan + Fields REDEFINE GORegimen.

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