The firm presents its most playful collection for summer 2019

Custo Barcelona has brought its Aftersun collection to the NYFW runway for next year’s summer nights. When the sun sets, the Custo woman is ready for fun. She is confident, she knows who she is, and she values her individuality. The collection is a toast to the most playful parts of the warm season with its endless nights stretching out until the sunrise. Experimentation and comfort are combined to create a unique and eminently nocturnal wardrobe with unprecedented volumes and lines.

Aftersun is a collection of well-crafted pieces that continue to develop the language of the firm while adorning skin that wants to be seen: mini dresses with countless sparkles, bodysuits in technical fabrics, jackets with holographic fabrics and silks, and fringed macro coats with iridescent glitter. Intricate pieces with patchwork pockets that blend fabrics of different weights and qualities and a wide range of colors and textures, showing Custo’s unmistakable hallmark.

For those darker hours when anything is possible, Custo Barcelona presents acetate dresses with metallic laminates and a finish that resembles liquid mercury, mini dresses in technical fabrics in a full range of metallic tones, and bodysuits cut from a variety of fabrics with multicolored sparkles. All these come together in the perfect collection for figures dancing under neon lights.

The volumes range from baggy, sporty macro coats to tighter, more revealing dresses and bodysuits, with the collection’s highlights being its oversized mini dresses in which experimentation and the        blending of different materials create innovative designs. Holographic sequins, silks, technical fabrics, appliqués, and even fringes are mixed in winning combinations.

Great effort was made to develop soft, light technological fabrics treated with advanced, indescribable finishes. The palette features metallic pinks, neon fuchsias, metallics such as copper, gold, and silver, and blue in all its varieties mixed with a touch of black and white, all with a distinctive brightness adorning skin that wants to be seen. The effect is complete with high-heeled sandals designed to match each dress.

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