8 Lessons to Succeed at Anything: Harness your fear, anger and depression to fuel your success

For some reasons that only life knows, a book came to me. This book helped me become a better person and be more successful. This is why I dare recommend this book to you; because I am really happy with the positive changes it brought to my life. It’s a short but powerful book called “8 lessons to Succeed at Anything” from the writers Chloé Bourjalliat and Arush Bakshi. I want to talk to you about its first chapter called Focus Creates Reality.

Focus is the most powerful tool we possess as human beings, although we are not aware of it. But I can assure you that we definitely create what we focus on. When we focus on something, we invest our energy in it. And it is scientifically proven that us humans cannot focus on two things at a time. Today, however, because of the many distractions that fill up our daily life, we tend to split and lose our focus.

Throughout the book, we are given weekly missions, and the first mission is to catch ourselves when we get distracted, and re-focus on our goals. When we start doing this, we stop wasting time and become more efficient. My time is definitely used more wisely, and I am now much more focused while working.


For all of you interested this book, I encourage you to buy it. You will love it!

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